Bruce Weber. The Golden Retriever Photographic Society. Art Edition No. 1-100 ‘Little Bear Ranch, Montana, 1996’ | TASCHEN


The photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber is associated with a wide array of imagery: humanist portraits of artists, actors, and athletes; fashion spreads charged with emotion, irreverence, and nostalgia; lyrical tributes to eroticism and an arcadian vision of the American landscape. All these things-and golden retrievers, too. Since the very beginning, Weber has been accompanied on his travels by a pack of these benevolent canines, who have populated his photographs for fashion campaigns, prominent magazines, and the pages of his personal scrapbooks in equal measure. The Golden Retriever Photographic Society is Weber’s first career-spanning collection of these photographs, one he describes as his most personal. In the introduction to the monograph, Weber remarks, “People sometimes say to me, ‘In my next life, I want to come back as one of your dogs.'” Paging through this volume, we understand the sentiment. For five decades, these golden retrievers have been foils for Weber’s imagination, storybook characters in the expansive life he has created with wife, Nan Bush. This book celebrates the human-animal bond, illuminating how connection to one’s pets can fuel creativity, provide companionship, and foster an abundance of joy. Art Edition (No. 1-100), with the print Little Bear Ranch, Montana, 1996, numbered and signed by Bruce Weber. Also available as a second Art Edition (No. 101-200) with the print Hud, New York City, 2011, numbered and signed by Bruce Weber.

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