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Advertising on IDF allows your brand to reach a premium and influential audience that is passionate about design, creativity, technology, sustainability, innovation, and above all, building a global community. We’ve developed a collaborative publishing platform that enables the design community to connect, create, and share everything about great design. As a result, IDF is a multi-platform lifestyle brand, on a mission to identify and explore design concepts that help our community live better lives in the modern world. Design is considered one of the most effective elements for brands, as it holds the power to completely transform its perspective or industry and influence a consumer.


IDF audience represents an affluent, educated, influential crowd that is passionate about modern design and the transformative power it has on our lives. That’s why IDF offers these consumers and design professionals a guide to explore concepts and destinations on their own terms while learning about trends and topics of global impact.


IDF’s publishing platform offers unique and native opportunities for your brand to reach our network of consumers, trade professionals, and brands, every day, wherever they are. Learn more: [email protected]

Digital Advertising

Your ad can benefit from over 150,000 monthly visits, with measured engagement wherever it appears. Your brand can shine on our homepage, target visitors on our content sections (BUILT, IDEAS, LIFE), join us for a takeover, or simply float freely around the site (ROP). Each ad unit will be programmed based on your goals, and always paired with alike and qualified brands (as we do not serve ads from third parties; e.g. Ad Sense).

Native Content

Native Stories, written by IDF in collaboration with your brand, are a content-rich authentic opportunity to tell your story with great writing, beautiful photography, and engaging videos.


The IDF team of editors (and your account manager) will work collaboratively with your brand and your team to create custom native stories to present your brand’s content authentically in a seamless IDF experience. Stories will be written by IDF and published to the IDF audience with your approval and according to your strategy.

Product Posts

Products can be showcased beautifully through our online shopping experience (as affiliates or hosted by us), or in featured articles (which can include reviews, demo videos, interviews, launch announcements, social/newsletter giveaways or other branded content). Products can also be given prominence in the placement in our store by way of takeovers and periodic spotlights as well as the newsletter and social media shops (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest). In any case, all product posts can be enabled with a button to point to a brand’s destination of choice. Any photo from the IDF platform can be tagged with the product for increased discoverability. Contact us to explore what will work best for your product.

IDF Social Channels

Partner with us and engage 150,000+ IDF followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Our team will assist yours in crafting compelling, customized content to create impact, while aligning with the IDF brand.


Otherwise, we’ll provide specific instructions, insights, and guidance on how to develop and submit your creations. By promoting your brand or content among our community, you will be engaging a global audience that is passionate about design and innovation, and we’ll provide laser-focused metrics to provide the highest possible return.

IDF Newsletter

Every week, reach 75,000+ subscribed readers and professionals in the fields of art, design, and sustainability by placing your brand in our curated newsletter. The channel serves to capture and broadcast the week’s highlights, explore edits from our shop, and connect with partners. Brands can receive premium exposure in our newsletters through an Integrated Campaign or through individual tiers, such as Digital Ads (including the Top Newsletter Sponsorship, Inline Ads, among others), Featured Resources Sponsorship or Product Highlights.


We also have Partner Messages, dedicated e-blasts for qualified brands to our entire database, to shine the spotlight on your content, website, product, or brand message. Restrictions apply. There are limited quantities available for both newsletter types, so contact your account manager today to inquire and reserve your space.

Content Creative + Production

IDF (through our parent company DCE Clarity) owns and manages various media production elements and can assist your brand in creating stunning video content in resourceful and cost-effective ways. Your video content in partnership with IDF will receive prominence on our website, social media profiles and/or newsletter, and we have additional licensing provisions for brands that want to retain the rights and use the content ongoing on their own channels. Contact us to learn more.

Event Sponsorship

Place your brand at the center of the action with events and experiences designed specifically to fit your brand voice. If you would like to start planning for your event, please contact your Account Manager. Please note that custom activations, branded experiences, and event sponsorships require at least a 4-month lead time.

gain relevance and visibility

Every day, IDF works hard to build new partnerships or strengthen our community, industry, and education partnerships to create new opportunities for collaborations for professionals, explore new content sources for readers, and widen our network around the globe. For smaller brands, aligning with IDF is a great first step to jump onto more aggressive networking in the field of design, technology, or sustainability; for global brands, partnering with IDF is a great way to create impact among smaller organizations through a community-driven, incredibly cost-effective platform.

creative services

No agency? No problem? International Design Forum is proud to serve diverse clients in the design industry by crafting custom campaigns and captivating content across a variety of channels. From brand revamp and relaunch campaigns, to web and digital strategy, to experiential programs, our team can connect your brand with ours in impactful in meaningful ways that can be repurposed to fulfill your goals in out of the IDF community.


  • Branding, Web Design, and Marketing
  • Custom events + programs
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Content Strategy
  • Audience Engagement

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