André Butzer. Set of 3 Screenprints ‘Untitled 7-9’, 2021 | TASCHEN


Fusing European Expressionism with American pop culture, while taking in wide-ranging influences from the likes of Friedrich Hölderlin, Walt Disney, and Henry Ford, André Butzer has created a fascinating pictorial universe since the late 1990s, centering around the space colony of NASAHEIM. This exclusive set of screen prints takes up the three central characters from this world that embody the fundamental themes of the artist’s work. The three screen prints in this exclusive limited-edition set of 75 copies were handmade from start to finish: each of the colors was carefully mixed from real pigments and the screen prints were then hand-printed on handmade Hahnemühle paper. The paper, the printing process, as well as the inks are all CO2 neutral and organic. Each motif presents one of Butzer’s unique pictorial characters, which embody the fundamental themes of his work since 1999: The Wanderer, longing for a place of his own and homelessly walking the earth, was inspired by Friedrich Hölderlin’s fateful character Hyperion and is to some extent the artist’s alter ego or even a self-portrait. The Woman, most central in Butzer’s pictorial universe, is life force personified and the only one able to mediate between the mundane world and the unattainable place in space that is NASAHEIM, where all colors are preserved. The Friedens-Siemens (Peace-Siemens) is the embodiment of vision itself. A threshold being, gazing at the past and future with wide open eyes, witnessing industrial devastation and envisioning a utopian peaceful existence. This is one of three different screen-print sets, exclusively made for TASCHEN, that together make up the complete series: ‘Untitled 1-3’, 2021, ‘Untitled 4-6’, 2021, and ‘Untitled 7-9’, 2021. Edition of 75 copies per print, each numbered and signed by André Butzer. Also available as complete set of nine screen-prints: ‘Untitled 1-9’, 2021, each numbered and signed by André Butzer. “I try to repeat all my images as often as possible and as well as possible to make them less severe. So, I do mass culture. At the same time, seriality is something I always wanted to destroy. That’s why I make so many seemingly serial works which are in fact not serial at all. This was the case with the figures, which were typologies that seemingly unfolded serially. Signs of life. They perhaps address the large soul space of human localization. Each figure is an individual and each image is individual.” André Butzer

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