Editor Picks: Restless Creatures

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In these times where our beloved museums are a bit out of reach, we can still enjoy art without setting foot outside. Our homes have become the perfect gallery to showcase exciting and interesting pieces, including the uniqueness of a variety of wildlife creatures. We shine the spotlight on whimsical fauna and cleverly designed beasts to adorn our spaces. IDF gives you a glimpse of a few favorites for your display:

Footed Bowl Mini Sculpture

This unique sculpture is part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection that IDF wholeheartedly supports on our platform. Evoking the memory of the Predynastic Period of ancient Egypt,  this “standing” bowl is made from Nile clay and has a smooth, polished surface, giving it a light sheen. It truly is art for the home.


The Favorite Cat Trinket Tray

If your a cat lover, this hand-colored lithograph by Nathaniel Currier (American, 1813–1888) called The Favorite Cat is the perfect piece. The tray can hold any small item you want to keep handy or just be there highlight feline fancy.


Royal Elephant Figure

This reproduction is of an original 19th century silver-plated sculpture which was owned by a ruler of the Fon kingdom of Dahomey in the present-day Republic of Benin, in West Africa. Used as a symbol of honor and wealth, its brings a touch of royalty to any home.


Sheep Howler by Assouline

Modern pastoral decorating looks for ways to return to nature. This life-size sheep made of beech wood and painted black featuring 3 types of natural sheep hide will beautify your style aesthetic and give you an almost “living” piece of art.


Hanno the Gorilla by Areaware

We are in love with this brave, strong, and curious gorilla. Named after the Greek voyager who discovered gorillas 2500 years ago, this hardwood delight can hold many poses and his elastic bands and durable wood limbs keep him from breakage. You can create new art with this piece on a daily basis.


Brass Talon Bowl by Jonathan Adler

If you want to pick something truly unique, yet timeless, this Brass Talon bowl is an excellent choice. Hand-cast in solid brass from a clay model sculpted by Jonathan Adler and his team, it can be placed in a variety of locations for practical use or just to add a bit of that shimmer to the perfect spot.

Pompon Owl Mini Sculpture

This small resin mini sculpture was inspired by a delightful chouette (owl) sculpture by François Pompon (French, 1855–1933), a one-time assistant to Auguste Rodin. IDF really loves the sleekness of this rendition of this bird of night that highlights some of the mysteriousness related to the creature.


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