Frame High by Design House Stockholm


Architecture is changing with modern spaces where floor to ceiling glass walls and built-in closets requires open and transparent shelving systems that doesn’t shade the daylight while also creating a platform for decoration,’ says Harald Hermanrud, ‘Frame will fit well against a wall, as a back to a sofa, as room dividers or as freestanding units. Frame is the perfect furniture system to display rather than storage, and Harald Hermanrud see his design as a comment on social media, the need to express ones personality in order to fit into a culture. A physical, long lasting and transformable platform for people to use in their homes. And with the user adding the final touch by distributing shelves and boxes through the easily reconfigured shelving system. The real world showing its strength instead of the virtual domain. ’I saw a need to put things on display, and I wanted to give people the opportunity to create the perfect scene for their most valued artworks, LP’s, books, and plants all by themselves.’ Frame manages this function in an extremely flexible manner where mathematical precision allows the grid-construction to carry shelves, trays and boxes that are easily moved around without any tools. Small objects can be framed and exposed, while larger objects can shoot out through the construction. Made of profiled sticks that are countersunk into each other, Frame manages to be light yet sturdy. And of course, truly Scandinavian all-in wood with attention on the joinery. There is of course a twist: the exposed solid brass rivet nuts capture the light and makes for a readable construction.


Made In: Vietnam

Material: Solid Oak, Solid Brass, White Lacquered MDF

Dimensions: 46″W x 52.3″H x 15.4″D, 50 lbs.

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