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Throughout the history of civilization, the Saudi Arabian desert has been a cradle of culture, tradition and heritage; the same is true of the Kingdom today. From handloom Sadu weaving and fine jewelry making, to regional Asiri wall painting and intricate woodcarving, the region is brimming with sophisticated craft practices that continue to inspire creativity in the arts and culture of the Middle East and beyond. Featuring original and archival photography, Crafts of the Kingdom: Culture and Creativity in Saudi Arabia showcases the nation’s unique craft traditions and the master artisans who produce the Kingdom’s rich handicrafts. This introspective title introduces the intricate embroidery of traditional Saudi dress; the precise incisions of woodworked objects; the fine textures of woven textiles; and much more — all of it made by hand, and thus bearing the mark of its artisan maker. A journey across Saudi Arabia — from the capital city of Riyadh to the mountainous Al Baha region and the historic district of Jeddah — this book highlights the abundant traditions existent in each of the Kingdom’s regions while revealing each craft’s historic roots and modern interpretations. What emerges is a portrait of Saudi Arabia as a nation whose cultural heritage and diverse creativity has been proudly cherished, reverently preserved, and profoundly influential from ancient days to modern times. An ode to Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural legacy, Crafts of the Kingdom transports its readers through the vibrant traditions of artistry that have thrived in this historic land, in turn revealing the soul of a nation. Author HRH Princess Najla bint Ahmad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A scholar of Anthropology and Development Studies, she is currently conducting doctoral research at the University of Cambridge.

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