Art and Religion in Medieval Armenia from The Met Museum


Edited by Helen C. Evans with contributions by Benjamin Anderson, Sebouh David Aslanian, Peter Balakian, Antony Eastmond, Lynn A. Jones, Thomas F. Mathews, Erin Piñon, Earnestine M. Qiu, and Kristina L. Richardson This latest volume in The Metropolitan Museum of Art symposia series reprises The Met’s blockbuster exhibition Armenia! (2018-19)-the first major exhibition on the art of this highly influential culture at the crossroads of the eastern and western worlds. Building on the pioneering work of those who first established Armenian studies in America, these essays by a new generation of scholars address Armenia’s roles in facilitating exchange with the Mongol, Ottoman, and Persian empires to the East and with Byzantium and European Crusader states to the West. Contributors explore the effects of this tension in the history of Armenian art and how those histories persist into the present, as Armenia continues to grapple with the legacy of genocide and counters new threats to its sovereignty, integrity, and culture. Helen C. Evans is Curator Emerita, Department of Medieval Art and The Cloisters, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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