New MOL Campus is a Bastion of Modern Architecture and Sustainability

The inaugural opening ceremony of the new MOL Campus, designed by Foster + Partners in London and Finta Studio in Hungary, was held on 8 December. The impressive 143-meter-high building, which will accommodate about 2500 MOL employees, has been designed to create an inspirational and sustainable workplace. Rich with a wide variety of facilities for the staff, the building will also open its doors to the public from spring, allowing visitors to take in the stunning views from its 29th floor observation deck.

MOL Campus stands in BudaPart, one of the most dynamically developing neighborhoods in Budapest. It has been designed to create a new landmark in the region and, alongside providing an inspirational and collaborative working environment, has areas for relaxation and social interaction. In addition to the observation deck, it has a visitor center, two restaurants and a Fresh Corner. The headquarters, which has already become a defining feature of Budapest’s landscape, can be seen from almost every point in the city and can certainly be considered a beacon of contemporary architecture. Its location, surrounded by the living Danube and the artificial bay of the river, is in the most prosperous office district of the Hungarian capital and adds to the uniqueness of the site.

The building’s distinctive form integrates a 28-story tower with a podium in a single form to create a unified campus. The architect, Foster + Partners, is known for its groundbreaking designs, which integrate functionality, sustainability, and ecology. The building is designed to make the best use of natural light, fresh air, and the remarkable views of the city around it. Alongside featuring the use of low and zero-carbon resources, it also encompasses rainwater harvesting and storage.

MOL is moving 2500 of its colleagues, currently working at 10 different sites, to the new headquarters. Its primary mission is to create a harmonious working environment for the employees and, in line with MOL’s strategy, promote working efficiency. When designing the interiors, it was a priority to create a modern, sustainable and ideal workplace to support collaboration. The design of the offices follows the ABW (Activity-Based Workplace) model, enabling employees to choose their own working environment with the flexibility to adapt it at any time in line with their specific role and tasks.



“This is the building of the future. A walnut tree is planted, a house is built by those who trust in the future. Those who trust that not only they but also their descendants will enjoy these goods for generations to come. We also decided to build a new, privately owned HQ in 2016 because we believe and trust in the future. We built this building not for ourselves, but for the future, for future generations and future employees. We want them to own it and carry on MOL’s success for decades to come. Everything in this building is about the employees, from the lovable community spaces through the collaborative working environment to the sustainable solutions” – emphasized Zsolt Hernádi, Chairman and CEO of the MOL Group.

MOL Campus is one of the greenest office buildings in Budapest, designed to the highest level in terms of energy saving and environmental awareness with 900 nm solar panels, a cooling and heating system based on geothermal energy, and grey water recycling. MOL is clear that its goal is for the new headquarters to receive the Excellent and Platinum grades of the international BREEAM and LEED certifications.



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