Meet TUMI’s Travel Collection Made from Recycled Materials

TUMI, a travel and lifestyle brand, has launched Merge, the brand’s first travel collection made with recycled materials, as well as select styles within the Alpha Bravo and Devoe collections. The company has created a program that underscores the importance of sustainability throughout every aspect of its business. It focuses on:

  • Innovative Products: designing products that are built to last and adopting recycled materials, TUMI has diverted more than 980,000 plastic bottles from landfills.
  • Carbon Action: working to reduce carbon intensity by 15% and transition to 100% renewable energy by 2025.
  • Thriving Supply Chain: requiring suppliers to meet TUMI’s standards of fair and responsible business.

With a focus on the full lifespan of the product after it is sold, sustainability doesn’t stop at utilizing recycled materials. TUMI engineers reparability into product design, creating bags that can be carried longer. Additionally, an extensive global repair network helps to ensure that TUMI bags stay on the road, further minimizing the impact on landfills. TUMI’s Merge collection, as well as select styles from Alpha Bravo and Devoe, feature materials that reflect the brand’s ethos of longevity while giving unwanted plastics a second life. TUMI’s Spring 2020 products made with recycled materials have diverted more than 395,000 plastic bottles from landfills.

Merge’s recycled PET lining uses plastic bottles, preventing them from ending up in landfills. And its outer body fabric is made from surplus nylon – also destined for landfills until it’s given new form as a hardworking textile ideally suited to modern travel. Similarly, styles within Alpha Bravo and Devoe are made with body fabric comprised of post-industrial recycled nylon and lining made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.


Learn more on their website: Tumi Sustainability

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