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Looking Through the Lens of Rich Stapleton

Enjoy the visual richness and image mastery of British photographer Rich Stapleton, and his captivating fusion of sophisticated fashion editorials, minimal interiors, monochromatic portraiture, and still life photographs.

Drawing much of his inspiration from art and the natural world, the Los Angeles-based artists sets a vision that is both serene and atmospheric. Stapleton’s work dismisses superfluous glamour, instead portraying his subject matter in as natural a way possible.

Working with soft light and muted, tonal color palettes, Stapleton is an expert at pairing material and shape together to focus on texture and tactility. Producing visual work that is both timeless and on-trend is a difficult feat, yet Stapleton’s forward-thinking aesthetic remains both intimate and elegant.

“More so than capturing a literal translation of a scene, I am interested in conveying the mood and feeling of a moment.”


The artist recently moved to LA with his partner, the editor and gallerist Rosa Park, and together, the pair co-founded Cereal Magazine, the stunning travel, style, and design publication known for its signature pared-back aesthetic.

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