Artist Spotlight: Hsu-Tung Han Creates Glitches in the Wood

Softness meets strength, imagination is twisted and digital images go with the grain in the mesmerizing works by Hsu-Tung Han, a Taiwanese artist with a distinctly modern take on the traditional wooden portrait. With every wooden sculpture, Han incorporates some type of distortion, such as pieces of the wood protruding from a man’s torso or a sculpted face missing some pieces. This gives the portrait a pixelated feel. The result is a distinctly modern sculpture for the digital age, even though it is a classic wooden portrait. 

The contrast between the medium and the digital image adds an ironic touch. To give his geometric works of art greater visual interest, Han uses a variety of sizes of pixels. He shares his process on Instagram, inviting the public to witness the process through which his works of art come to fruition. 

Han’s latest piece, The Pacific, is his latest post of a work in progress. The sculpture is one of a man with windswept hair and pursed lips. The exciting project starts off with the artist cutting slabs of wood, having already removed some pixels. The sheets of wood are then bonded together and then chiseled into these unique portraits. Check out his Instagram to experience more of this unique artist’s vision. 




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