Award-Winning Miami Beach Home Defies Limits

Casa Mas is a testament that Miami’s restrictive development codes and lot limitations cannot hold back an innovative designer from creating a spectacular piece of residential architecture. Doo Architecture, based in Miami and Barcelona, designed the home as a collection of raw concrete volumes. Design elements such as natural light, materiality, and typology, dictated the main architectural principles driving the project and its geometry.

The space is envisioned as a collection of small volumes whose interactions create a flow that circulates throughout the courtyard spaces and allows natural light to wash all the main habitable areas. The main door sits between two concrete volumes, revealing an organically shaped curved curtain wall that focuses your sight on the main courtyard while hiding the rest of the path to the house. It is only as you stroll through the interiors that one will discover all the spaces and different living setups.



The home’s substance focuses on enhancing the pour-in-place white concrete walls, which will be left exposed both on the inside and outside of the house. No drywall or stucco will be applied, and all systems of the house will be embedded into the structure. Winner of the “2019 Rethinking the Future Award” for Private Residential Concept and the 2020 Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year for Residential Unbuilt Category, Casa Mas excels above any seeming challenges to its conception. This is not just an interior courtyard residence, but an inside-out structure whose elements reveal the exterior esthetics while maintaining the home’s intimacy.


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