A Small Desk Ecosystem

If you’re finding yourself reluctantly glued to your desk or stuck indoors while longing for bits of nature, a micro terrarium just might be the delightful solution. Design studio Level Scapes has created micro terrariums in hopes of alleviating stress while sparking creativity and space optimization in homes and office spaces. The small but beautiful little ecosystems (which vary in size) blends the best elements of terrarium ownership: a love of gardening, minimal upkeep, and the practicality of limited spacing. According to some studies, biophilic designs (including terrariums or creative air purifiers) are known to boost brain functionality, thus offering another beneficial element to these micro terrariums.



The transparent acrylic casing of Level Scapes’ terrarium boxes is designed as a tiny greenhouse that retains moisture. This helps to regulate humidity and temperature to keep the contained plants healthy and happy. The plant life in the boxes consists of low maintenance plants (moss, air plants, ferns), but is still fun to engage with and observe. The boxes’ lids are easy to open but reliable enough to contain water and other contents. Each micro terrarium is also stackable, encouraging a sense of play and endless creative arrangement possibilities—you can create your own a vertical garden!




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