Zeila Panther Sculpture by Lalique


Create a decadent display in your home with this Zeila panther sculpture from Lalique. In a deep grey hue, this intricately carved sculpture is made from the finest crystal glassware and has been entirely hand crafted at the brand’s Alsace factory by skilled artisans. In a stalking pose ready to pounce, it is a striking addition to any room and there are more exquisitely made sculptures available from Lalique. Key features: * Ornately carved animal sculpture * Material: crystal glassware * Dimensions: L36.5cm * Perfectly formed panther ornament * In a stalking pose ready to pounce * Entirely handcrafted by skilled artisans * Made at the Lalique Alsace workshop in France * Satin finished, re-polished crystal * In a rich amber colorway

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