Seated Torso of a Woman Sculpture from The Met Museum


An original sculpture by Paul Wayland Bartlett (American, 1865-1925) served as the model for this reproduction. Born in the U.S. and educated in Paris, Bartlett worked as an assistant to Auguste Rodin before establishing his own studio. He created major works of public art, with the centerpiece of his career being his Equestrian Statue of Lafayette, which was presented to France as a reciprocal gift for Bartholdi’s Statue of Liberty. A master of the technical processes of sculpture, Bartlett began experimenting with patination during the 1890s, creating small bronzes of exquisite quality and delicate color. His beautifully handcrafted Seated Torso of a Woman in The Met collection, modeled about 1895 and cast about 1909, was treated chemically to produce a shimmering, iridescent surface. Our figure in bonded bronze celebrates this evocative work.

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