Hunt Slonem, “Tanzania Blue” Multiple Bunnies On A Blue Diamond Dust Surface, 2021


Hunt Slonem “Tanzania Blue” Multiple Bunnies On A Blue Diamond Dust Surface Blue and white outlined bunnies on a blue diamond dust background Unframed: 48 x 48 inches Hunt Slonem is a well-renowned American artist known for his neo-expressionist paintings of butterflies, rabbits, and tropical birds. The artist creates exotic forms with expressive and highly textural brushstrokes that are full of intense color. His compositions often consist of flat spaces with simple forms pushed to the front of the picture plane. His work tends to embrace the ephemeral beauty of nature, a characteristic that brings a nurturing, spiritual effect to his painting suggesting metamorphosis, repose, and a sensation of touching the illimitable. In addition, Slonem works with installations, sculpture, and the restoration of historic spaces, often pairing his paintings with collected objects and various materials to create colorfully monumental environments that are widely noted for their otherworldliness.

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