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Across the sands of time, Ethiopia has embodied fantasy and intrigue. The richly storied country has been a supporter of Christianity for the Crusaders in the Middle Ages, a symbol of resistance to European colonization in the late 19th century, and, most recently, a recipient of aid due to its extreme poverty. Ethiopian Highlands offers a striking look into this world of contrasts. These vibrant, intimate images captured by Lizy Manola, whose Greek nationality connects her implicitly to Ethiopia’s past, bring us to the very heart of the Christian culture of its Highlands. Seventy of Manola’s photos have also been collected for an exhibition entitled Ethiopia, Spiritual Imprints. These are images of Ethiopian people, places, and objects considered holy: churches in the Lalibela and Tigray regions, monasteries and monks of Lake Tana, and many more. The exhibition began in August 2014 at the Of cina dell’Arte Spirituale in Venice, Italy, and has now moved to the Byzantine Christian Museum in Athens, Greece, where it will be open until June 2015.

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