Echasse Bowl by MENU


Bring inspired design to any interior with this Echasse bowl from MENU. Designed by rising-star German designer Theresa Arns, this bowl has been inspired by test tubes in laboratories and features four stilt resembling legs that elevate it into the air. Ideal for creating a unique statement on a side space or coffee table, this bowl looks wonderful when paired with complementing accessories available separately from MENU. Key features: * Decorative bowl * Material: handmade glass * Dimensions: Ø29.5xH14cm * Inspired by test tubes in laboratories * Round-bottomed drop shape * Stylish smoky gray tone * Anchored to the table by four slender legs that resemble stilts * The word “échasse” is French for stilts * Designed by Theresa Arns * Mouth-blown * Due to the glass-blowing technique used, air bubbles may be visible

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