Classic Clock Creator’s Edition by QLOCKTWO


Personal, contemporary & original. QLOCKTWO have reimagined the humble wall clock by displaying time in written words. The time is displayed in five minute intervals with four dots to represent the minutes in between: one dot will illuminate to show that it’s one minute past the time displayed, two dots will illuminate for two minutes. The cover is held on by magnets, making it easily changeable to suit your interior, and it comes with an acrylic glass base if you’d prefer to have it freestanding. Endless opportunities. Key features: * Material: stainless steel * Dimensions: 45x45cm * Weight: 4.5kg * Cable length: 3.5m * Black color * Displays time with written words * Changeable laser cut stainless steel cover * Can also be set up in a freestanding position * Displays the time in five minute intervals * With four dots to represent the minutes in between * English language

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