Air Sideboard by Design House Stockholm


Air is a sideboard that combines a graphic pattern of white ribs with natural cane inlays, giving a feeling of lightness and transparency to an item of furniture that often seem heavy and difficult to place in the room. Air can be used as a freestanding room divider or placed against a wall.

Woven cane gives a visible surface, but also provides a sense of depth. One can guess at what is hiding in the cupboard without this being irksome. The fact that the designs are transparent also fulfils a function. The woven cane ventilates the cupboard which is practical when storing both clothes and electronic devices.

Made In: Vietnam

Material: Lacquered solid birch, MDF, Cane, Chrome hinges

Dimensions: 48″W x 32″H x 16″D
Additional Information:

Includes access hole for electrical cords
Interior Fixed Shelf

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