Agnes Medium Shelving Unit by SCP


Design Duo, Kay and Stemmer have designed a freestanding shelving unit called Agnes. Agnes comes as a smaller 3 shelf version or a taller 5 shelf version. The shelves come fully assembled and have the hallmarks of classical training with details that include radius edges, a gentle upwards taper and perfect proportion. The result is a notably softened looking shelving range, free standing with poise and a sense of visual balance. Made in the EU. Available in oak or walnut

Design Country: UK

Material: Walnut

Overall Dimensions: 31.5″ W X 13.4″ D X 40.5″H

Shelf Dimensions:

Top – 8.9”D x 30”W
Middle – 10.5”D x 30”W
Bottom – 12.4“D x 30″W

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